April 12th, 2016
by admin

From start-ups to large corporations websites are a strong, necessary and user friendly method of providing information to your target audience. Websites promise abundance of visibility as well as ease of accessibility but an essential factor is the landing or the home page of the website. It is this page that can convert a visitor into a subscriber! A homepage is a welcome page and therefore, it must be mindfully designed so that it has the highest conversion rate. Let us help you with some tips for Conversion Rate Optimisation

1. Cut the clutter

Homepages are not about bombarding the visitor with heaps of information. It is to provide the important information about who/what the website is about. Site visitors prefer lesser text, more images and a balance of colour on the first page. If you’re a photographer a small slideshow or gallery of your best pictures with light description is enough. If it’s an organisation, include an introductory paragraph with images of your company. Choose a clean and user friendly design with colours that would convince the visitor about your idea; thus encouraging conversion.

2. Colours and images

The colours used on a website shouldn’t steer the focus from the images or the text on the landing page. Therefore, avoid striking colour at all cost. Also, images are a good and definite way to grab attention but don’t fill your landing page with images, thumbnails, icons and buttons. It has to be minimal data creating maximum impact and conversion.

3. Links

Buttons are gateways to other pages on your website. Though most websites have it, it’s not necessary that they have it right. While adding buttons one has to remember to use keywords that are short yet makes the visitor understand the options. Another important factor is placement of the buttons. If you want people to notice it and act on them, place it where it grabs user’s attention.

Landing pages are your introduction, who are you? What is your company about? That is where landing pages play their role. They should be aesthetic, uncomplicated and leave visitors wanting to know more, so they go through the other pages as well. In case you wish to avail expert help of the leading conversion rate optimisation agency in London, Search Strategy team is just a mail away. Share your requirement with us at……