April 19th, 2016
by admin

Search Engine Optimisation or popularly known as SEO, holds the key to your digital promotion campaign. Simple reason being that today’s consumer is a Smartphone user. He or she is so used to searching on Google with some keywords before making any decision or choice. So, can you afford to be on page five in SERPs while your rival sits confidently on page one results? Of course, the very fact that the competitors are already investing heavily on SEO charges you up to invest in your SEO. Here are 5 most effective tips that will help to rank your local business in top spots –

Local Search Optimisation

1. First Things First

Make sure to put the right address and phone numbers in your Google account and on your website.

2. Social Media Management

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc are proving very effective in local search optimisation. All that you need to do is update your correct information on all your social pages and manage these pages creatively so that your user gets connected with you through these platforms.

3. Google Reviews are very Important

Every time someone Googles your name, the weblink comes with Google reviews. Make sure you get nice and impressive reviews from your clients which will definitely help your local search optimisation campaign.

4. Make Google+ your Plus Point

Google+ is quite an effective platform as this page is directly linked with Google. When you continue posting on Google+ regularly and positively, your local search rankings go up emphatically.

5. Website Listing on Local Classified Sites

The best local SEO tool is to include your web page listing in local classified sites.
Local search optimisation is as scientific as regular SEO. It is always prudent to go with a trusted search engine optimisation Company in London – Search Strategy for this purpose.