June 26th, 2017
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Search engine optimisation is a great practice that can help your website thrive and stand out from among similar ones on the web. People will be able to find it easier, as it is displayed higher up in search results – but whenever we think of SEO, we think of content, which is most of the time displayed through text. What about video? How can you use video to enhance your website’s SEO?


A Few Video Facts

In order to achieve a successful SEO strategy, you have to think marketing. And in recent years, more and more people have resorted to video as their main marketing tool. This is because, for the most part, video is a lot easier to process from a consumer standpoint, it can fit a broader, more comprehensive message in a shorter amount of time and it’s definitely a whole lot more engaging than plain text. Add to that the ease with which videos can be shared these days, and you have a huge advantage with using video as a marketing tool. And the numbers support this – marketeers are using video as a medium for their messaging at an ever-increasing rate, a fact that applies across the board, from big spenders to small marketing budgets alike.

Now let’s talk traffic – did you know that 64% of all internet traffic at this point is due to video? Research is pointing that it will reach 80% in 2019 – two years from now! It just goes to show that the old adage was true: a picture really is worth a 1000 words, and when you have a video with at least 24 pictures a second, you do the math to see just how much content you can fit into that. But in all seriousness: video does translate, on a practical level, to more traffic. Get on the bandwagon and start using it, or start focusing on it more on your site if you want to take advantage of an already proven trend.

Lastly, just think of your favorite commercial for a second. We are willing to bet it took you even less than that to remember it – and you want to know why? People remember video commercials. They can use music, they can relay interesting, insightful and meaningful messages, all the while selling the product or service as well. So, it should come as no surprise that almost half of all online purchases come directly from viewing a video online.


Social Integration

Social media is all the rage in turning your good SEO campaign into a great SEO campaign. But most people conveniently forget that YouTube is a social platform as much as it is a video sharing platform. Uploading your videos on YouTube and then integrating them on your site from there will give you a two-way street back to your product or service, helping in SEO as well, especially if you add transcripts and link your website from the YouTube video as well. More links, more content to be crawled by search engines and more avenues for potential customers to find you.

And since we’re on the subject of YouTube, you also have to consider the insights and direct interactions users can offer. From constructive criticism, to opportunities for the videos being shared, it’s all there on a free to access platform. Never mind the additional revenue you can score by placing relevant ads on your own videos – there’s literally nothing to lose, and only benefits to uploading your video to YouTube and then embed it on your own website.

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