March 16th, 2016
by admin

Social Media Marketing is a buzzword a progressive entrepreneur would definitely capitalise on, the reach & power of various social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn is undeniable. Here are 5 Social Media marketing trends to watch out for:


1. Audio-Visual communication

People enjoy watching Videos on Facebook and other popular social media. Even Twitter allows a 20-second video so imagine how much scope you have to impress your target group through interesting videos on product demonstration, customer testimonials and company’s news events.

2. Email marketing

Personalised emails in the inbox of your target group communicating offers have proved its impact in the last few years. All the leading businesses around the world have used emails impressively and innovatively making it the thing for target audience engagement.

3. Paid promotions

Other than organic boosting, paid promotions are equally effective on social media. For example, Facebook offers many options for paid promotions; you can promote your page or a creative, communicating the Offer/Deal or even your website through Ad Manager Option of Facebook page. Many global brands are spending heavily on Twitter & LinkedIn as well.

4. Interesting Blogs

People are keen to read good stuff on social media so the popularity of blogging is no surprise. You may see brand-specific or even product-specific blogs in times to come. Specialist bloggers like food, fashion, architecture, parenting, education, etc bloggers are already in high demand.

5. People-centric communication

Yes, that’s what the most amazing change is. Readers won’t subscribe to your page in case all it tells them is how great your brand is or how amazing your team is! The content on each page is becoming more and more user-centric now. For example, a hair care or skin care company page would talk of useful information relating to hair care and skin care rather than just flaunting their products.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing holds the key to your business success. Be a prime mover if you want maximum benefit!