June 1st, 2016
by admin

It is fair to say that most people prefer their smartphones to a computer or laptop. In fact, according to sources 51% of our time is spent on a mobile device, that’s a massive 90% increase since 2013. That is why mobile marketing is absolutely vital for your business, not only can you connect and communicate but most important of all, you engage.

Mobile marketing is simply, marketing but on a mobile device. This could be done through applications, social media, mobile paid search, QR codes and even SMS. It is an excellent way to promote your business, as it is so accessible.

1. Conversion

If conversion rate is something you need to improve, mobile marketing might just be your saviour. Forbes states that more than 50% of mobile searches leads to actual purchases and a staggering 70% of them are done in just an hour. Most businesses have mobile applications, providing you with fast and easy access to everything you may need. One click and your favourite product is in the process of being shipped to you, providing the business itself with a better conversion rate.

2. Audience Reach

With roughly 7 billion people on this earth, would you possibly believe that a whole 5.1 billion own a mobile device? Mobile marketing has a tendency to be more popular as there is an increased number of how many people it is reaching. You communicate and connect better through a mobile device because of all its new and upcoming features, especially the growth in applications and social media.

3. Social Media

Social media is very big on mobile devices right now and this is an excellent form of mobile marketing. Most of Facebook users actually come from mobile devices which goes to show the impact that you could have, if you start a campaign. It is a great and easy way to engage with fellow clients and possibly, potential clients too. It makes it incredibly easier to speak to people about your services and what you can offer. As most people do use phones a lot more than desktops, it would make sense to make slight changes in order to follow this trend. Google has even admitted to removing Pay per click advertisements, to make the mobile experience feel more like the desktop, as that is where they get the most search queries from.

4. Higher Ranking

Since google changed its algorithm to ranking mobile optimised sites higher than normal desktop sites, everyone has come to the realisation of how important mobile devices are in our day to day lives. This is why it is so important for your business to have a mobile marketing campaign, especially a mobile friendly website which will then rank higher.

5. Immediate response

We tend to have our mobiles on us most of the time or if not, they will most definitely be at arm’s length. This means, if our phone goes off with some form of mobile marketing, we will read it within the next three minutes. Quicker reactions also mean quicker results and that is why it is vital to your business to have a great mobile marketing campaign.

To find out more on leveraging mobile marketing for your business promotion, get in touch with mobile marketing experts at Search Strategy via email or telephone.