June 8th, 2016
by admin

Schema mark-up is code that you put on your website in order to help search engines return more informative results for users and ensure the most relevant information reaches those searching for your website.It can be as simple as adding it to the HTML code. When you’re using Schema, it doesn’t allow search engines to know what information is kept where. Instead, it simplifies the information in such manner that search engines find structured and simple things on your website easily. Essentially, what Schema does for you is bring your website to the forefront in order to look more visible to users.

Added Advantages of Using Schema Mark-up:

  • Schema Mark-up helps to improve customers visits and makes it easier to make business with them. Schema adds value to your content elements and hence improves your presence. It also allows search engines to interpret your content in a more advanced manner, this is incredibly effective and improves your visibility online.
  • Schema offers a better way to ensure better control of your web development and ensuring stronger digital presence through precision.
  • Using schema mark up will also define very specifically and display rich snippets of your content on SERP’s. This will most definitely make your listings stand out.
  • It’ll show search engines what your data says and what it truly means.

Investing in Schema Markup & SEO makes perfect sense and is highly recommended if you run a business. Once people are attracted to your work and the colourful layout, you would get more customer clicks, which automatically boosts your website and you would get better results in future. If you need any further information on Schema Mark-up or SEO email us at info@search-strategy.co.uk