March 11th, 2016
by admin

Small is the new big; this applies so very well to the success stories of Small & Local businesses all over the world. And the credit for the same goes to the contribution of digital & social media. So if you also have a small business but a larger vision for growth, take a look at some of the top tips that will help you market your business within a small budget –


1. Invest in your Website

Get your website developed focusing on Search Engine Optimisation, Content management & mobile responsive website trends. You may save some money by compromising on the functionality of your website but do keep in mind the long-term cost that you may have to bear by having an unattractive website!

2. Sustained SEO

Search Engine optimisation services extend beyond just including keywords in your web content. Sustained SEO means making regular efforts on getting your business’ listing information across many third-party sources which will help in link building and improving the online search rankings of your brand.

3. Capitalise on Social Media

Social Media like Facebook & Twitter are very effective in promoting small businesses online. All you need to do is prepare an effective social media marketing strategy and do it consistently for at least 10-12 months. In case, you aren’t that social media savvy, it always pays to hire a Social Media Management company offering customized & creative digital media promotion solutions.

4. Maintain your social media profiles actively

Ask your happy clients to write their User Reviews on Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. All these small efforts go a long way in building your branding online.

5. Audio-Visual Communication

Audio-visual content commands heavy viewership & memorability so investing in videos makes sense. Get some creative videos made; audio-visual product demos, office working videos, 3-D product information videos, branding videos etc will definitely impress your audience. Once you have some audio-visual stuff with you, make sure to leverage the power and reach of YouTube through these videos.

Digital media is very effective for marketing small business. Moreover, it won’t cost you a fortune and you can watch your results in real-time. To know more on how you can promote your business through digital media cost-effectively, drop us a mail at