January 22nd, 2016
by admin

The biggest benefit of Digital technologies and Smart phones is that they have made people quick readers. Your target group is reading blogs; your competitions’ blogs in case you are lagging behind in your content marketing. Developing an effective and impressive Content Marketing strategy is the beginning of building your brand online. Here is a little help from our side – a few tips that will help you build a comprehensive & catchy content marketing strategy –

• Just the right mix of Visual and Text makes for a perfect post on all social media platforms. Remember, the visual has to delight the user and the content has to excite them enough to make them read further.

• Create interesting blogs and articles. Rather than talking about yourself, talk about the reader and their problems instead. The more you focus on your user, more will be following you on digital media.

• Use Infographics! Nothing excites a reader as much as seeing some interesting facts that either hint at his or her behavioural patterns or tempt them enough to be a part of the trend.

• Post interesting short articles on LinkedIn which is fast emerging as the preferred professional social media platform.

• Create Videos and animations. And make sure to write a blog each about the videos and animations created. This will leverage you both ways; people will watch the video as well as read the story associated with it.

• Whenever you post an image or a creative on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram; make sure that you have used just the right hashtags and description. Putting your weblink in all these posts is also a good idea as it will get you SEO benefits as well.

• Last, but surely the most important, post your content links more than once and on more than one platform.

These are simple tips which will help you build great visibility online through content marketing. In case you aren’t able to execute it properly, send us an email and let us help you in Content Marketing your brand.