What Is Social Media Optimisation (SMO)?

This is the practice of raising awareness about you product or service on the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Youtube, Linkedin and more.

How Does This Work?

How do people perceive your products or services? Are there positive sentiments or negative sentiments? SMO is about building compelling strategies and ideas about how your brand will grow online communities by encouraging engagement and loyalty, whilst attracting new customers.

What We Offer

We create and optimise social media by promoting and sharing your products across social media and networking sites. We can create a buzz for you in the right circles. This includes:

- Professionalise your Facebook, twitter and other social platforms, adding buttons, bookmarks and interaction
- Push out your blogs and articles to relevant sites, forums and discussion platforms so that your target audience is aware of your news and offering
- Write original and compelling content which reaches out to your relevant audience in your sector, through article submission and PR

How Do I Get Started?

Before we can deliver on our promises, we would like to understand your business’s specific needs and business objectives so that we can strategise how the social media campaign would work for you. We will also look at your website, what your competition is doing and give practical suggestions on how we can raise your online presence. Thereafter, we will put together a holistic, cost effective package which ensures that we deliver on our promises and get objectives fulfilled.

What About Mobile?

More people are now accessing the internet through mobile devices rather than the PC. Therefore mobile SMO is very relevant. More people are accessing facebook, twitter, you tube via mobile devices and so relevancy of the SMO would also include mobile.

The Next Step?

Get in touch to find out how we can help. We work with all kinds of companies across various sectors!