What Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO is the practice of increasing the visibility of your website so that it appears as high as possible on natural and organic listings on the pages of a search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo. These are free listings and appearing in these increases trust between businesses and prospects and has a positive impact on buying decisions.

How Does This Work?

Let’s say you have a great product or service which you are confident that people will buy. The first step to selling this online is to create a website. A website is your virtual shop online which will showcase your offering. However, this is no good if people, when searching for the product you are selling, can’t find you. This means you are losing out on potential customers whether they are in your locality, nationally or internationally.

The SEO Magic

Now consider this: when people type in their search terms for your kind of offering, your website appears on natural or organic listings and people click through to your site to view your offering. The search terms can be optimised locally, nationally and internationally depending on your reach.

What We Offer

Keyword Analysis: We apply various search technologies to analyse the rank and position of your keywords together with search volumes of your keywords. This gives an indication of the reach, visibility and competitor performance of your keywords.

Competitor Analysis: Comparing your site with your competitors is important in order to close the ranking gap between your site and theirs.

Link Building: This is an ongoing process. Building links with sites that is going to drive relevant and targeted traffic to yours is crucial for good SEO.

Content Writing: Over the years search engines like Google have changed their algorithms to display the most relevant sites in their natural listings. Therefore it makes a significant difference in your site’s ranking to have contextual and relevant content on all website landing pages.

Reporting: How well is your site performing with the SEO campaign. What is the customer journey, and is it having the desired effect. Reporting and analytics covers this and more so we can tweak the campaign as and when necessary.

How Do I Get Started?

Before we can deliver on our promises, we would like to understand your website’s specific needs and business objectives so that we can strategise how the SEO campaign would work for you. We will also look at your website, what your competition is doing and give practical suggestions on how we can raise your online presence. Thereafter, we will put together a holistic, cost effective package which ensures that we deliver on our promises and get objectives fulfilled.

What About Mobile?

More people are now accessing the internet through mobile devices rather than the PC. Therefore mobile SEO is very relevant. However, mobile users have different behaviour patterns when accessing the internet through mobile rather than PC. We understand the mobile “mindset” and our mobile SEO reflects this.

Submission to mobile directories with a strong locality focus which will include Google Local, Bing Local, and other locality based platforms. There will also be:

- Keyword Research
- Competitor Analysis
- Mobile Content
- Link Building Strategy
- Mobile Directory Submission

The Next Step?

Get in touch to find out how we can help. We work with all kinds of companies across various sectors!