What Is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

PPC (or paid advertising) is the practice of bidding for relevant search keywords and phrases within your industry which would lead customers to your website through text or display ads. PPC is great if you want to drive fast traffic on your website, and is a great compliment to SEO.

How Does This Work?

Let’s say you want to shout about a new product or service to the world. We can bid for the most popular keywords that best describe your product, design an advert to include the keywords and you only pay for the advert when someone “clicks” on the advert and lands on your website.

PPC is great if you want to drive fast traffic on your website, and is a fantastic compliment to SEO

What We Offer

Account Management: Including competitor analysis, optimising the use of keywords so as to reduce your cost to acquire a lead and choosing parts of the day when there is most traffic for your product or service.

Facebook Advertising: Facebook makes most of its money through adverts. Here’s an example: A business creates an advert > Facebook gets paid to deliver the advert > The right people see the advert.

LinkedIn Advertising: Acquire New Customers for Your Business. Reach your exact audience with LinkedIn Ads. We can create and manage your Linkedin advertising campaign.

Keyword Management: This includes keyword research (the keywords that obtain the best cost per conversion), creating relevant Ad Groups so that your message is always relevant to the search keywords and a full management of your account.

Reporting: Reporting and analytics to measure how well your campaign is doing, make changes to optimise conversions where necessary and measuring success and ROI.

How Do I Get Started?

Before we can deliver on our promises, we would like to understand your website’s specific needs and business objectives so that we can strategise how the PPC campaign would work for you. We will also look at your website, what your competition is doing and give practical suggestions on how we can raise your online presence. Thereafter, we will put together a holistic, cost effective package which ensures that we deliver on our promises and get objectives fulfilled.

What About Mobile?

More people are now accessing the internet through mobile devices rather than the PC. Therefore mobile PPC is very relevant. However, mobile users have different behaviour patterns when accessing the internet through mobile rather than PC. We understand the mobile “mindset” and our mobile PPC reflects this.

The Next Step?

Get in touch to find out how we can help. We work with all kinds of companies across various sectors!