November 1st, 2016
by admin

Google analytics is a service created by Google in November 2005. It allows you to track your website’s traffic results and conversion, as well as being able to review your online campaign and AdWords. It is vital for your business to use an online traffic analysis tool and Google Analytics is one of the most accessible and widely used dashboards.

It allows you to check for improvements and analyse your own performance. On Google Analytics is, not only can you track your own business but you can track the performance of other competing companies. Having this knowledge will most definitely take you that step further, as you know how well you’re doing, how well others are doing and perhaps what you could be doing to be better, which will make you stand out from the rest.


You can see through analytics where you rank on Google, this will allow you to see how well your keywords are doing and if any improvements or changes are needed. For example, if you notice that one of your keywords is driving more traffic than others, try to get it further on Google to page 1 by optimising your website.

You can also analyse in great detail what is making people abandon your website and that gives you a chance to change it and make it better in order to gain more loyal visitors. Loyal visitors are important as they tend to spend more because they know the company and they know what they’re purchasing. Having a website that will engage with potential customers will allow you to gain and maintain good conversion rates.

Google Analytics also allows you to see where your traffic mostly comes from. For example, just because your website was created in the UK, doesn’t mean all your traffic will be from the UK, it could be from many other countries. This helps you recognise your audience and who exactly you’re reaching out to. Having this knowledge, will enable you to create content that’ll attract this particular traffic and you can change your content to attract even more and from different countries.

It’s strongly recommended that a business uses google analytics, it gives you a huge amount of vital information needed to make those changes that will get you further in searches which will ultimately generate leads. If you want to read more about google analytics, head over to our website and for more information contact