July 28th, 2016
by admin

”Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

Conversion Rate Optimising (CRO)is converting your resources and time in simultaneous optimisation of growth and profitability. In other words it promotes your website to be more visible and converts the visitors into your valuable customers.It is important to note that conversion doesn’t only aim for monetisation, it may also include the conversions to increase the average value, email sign-up, the creation of an account, the completion of a survey or simply an app. download.

The journey of converting a visitor to a potential customer is achieved by making various changes in your website which could be as little as just changing the fonts or even colours which could make a huge difference in attracting new traffic.Being aware of what your website offers and how could improve the functionality of the same by considering clients feedback to achieve a specific goal.

Strategies for Conversion Rate Optimisation:

  • Functionality in a Website: Nothing is more effective for the user than seeing a functional website where he or she is able to make more sense of the content and proposition just in one look! Making a functional website for a complex business is no child’s play; that’s why it would be advisable to partner with an expert web development company for the same.
  • Promotional offers:Rewards, offers, free gifts,adding free coupons or providing discounts on various products and services may add interest of the consumer and could be helpful in making the final sale.
  • Quick accessibility:A quick and faster display of useful information could help it work better. Removing most of the barriers which usually a client doesn’t want like filling up of different forms and information, clear navigation may end up getting desired results. A website which is less cumbersome and provides value information, products and services would have a better conversion rate.
  • Consumer’s feedback: This is an important tool which can’t be ignored as once you are aware how a consumer feels being on your website, you could easily modify various indicators to help add comfort and ease for a customer to help themselves better.

These are just a few strategies to improve your credibility and hence profitability. Your aim of optimising should be such that you could make maximum conversions from both new prospects landing on the site and retaining the existing clients,and from their goodwill get new clients which helps the cycle to keep going. And if you are aiming for the same, let Search Strategy help you convert more users into customers!